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What was once the Epicure, a long-gone restaurant and meeting place that would host many a Kiwanis pancake fundraiser back in its day, is now this sprawling beer hall. And Deming Maclise, along with partners James Weimann, Deveaux Hill, Galen Krohn, and Patrick Riggs, hope Beer Star will serve that same purpose for White Center once again. Well 48 taps, nearly all of them beer, is a great way to start. Beer Star is a low-frills space with ample seating, both inside and out on the patio bedecked with string lights. A cooler brimming with a few hundred bottles and packs of beer, local and non, glow in the middle of the shop. There’s nonalcoholic options in there too, being the family friendly place that it is, further evidenced by the root beer, kombucha, and cold brew on tap and the chalkboard wall in the kid’s corner. Speaking of taps, there’s a beer style for everyone, including people who prefer cider, wine, or no alcohol at all. 

As for food options: Li’l Woody’s is open.

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