Down by the Sea

Property Watch: A Beachfront Cabin on Quiet Vashon

This idyllic little home from Windermere is just a few steps from the water—and has zero passing car traffic to dull the ocean vibes.

11/23/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd

$500K Showdown

Price Point: Warehouse Loft or Cabin Loft?

It's a loft battle for $500,000 with these two Seattle-area homes from Windermere. Which would you choose?

08/25/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd

Woodland Whimsy

Property Watch: An Expansive Vashon Island Retreat

This island property has six acres and several guest houses for Airbnb potential. Yes, it also has a tennis court to go with that log cabin aesthetic.

01/26/2022 By Sarah Anne Lloyd