Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson Respond to Reader Questions

The Office stars dish on ping pong, beet farms, and pogo sticks.

11/19/2010 By Laura Dannen


Hail King Felix! Mariners’ Hernandez Wins AL Cy Young

And then there was a rainbow over Safeco. (We’re not kidding.)

11/18/2010 By Laura Dannen

The Weekend Starts...Now.

Met Picks: Mezzo Lunatico, Lady Gaga Dance-Off and ‘Harry Potter 7’

Top 10 things to do this weekend.

11/18/2010 By Laura Dannen

Books & Talks

Funny Ladies: Nora Ephron and Lauren Weedman

Men aren’t the only ones who can make jokes about bald spots.

11/17/2010 By Laura Dannen

Seattle in the News

Seattleite to Star in New NBC Sitcom

Plus: Former Intiman director Bart Sher debuts his new Broadway musical.

11/16/2010 By Laura Dannen


Lady Gaga Dance-Off

Embrace your inner diva—and win cash—at Century Ballroom.

11/15/2010 By Laura Dannen


Scent of a Candy Man

SIFF Cinema brings back Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Smell-O-Vision screenings.

11/15/2010 By Laura Dannen

Film News

Seattle’s Cinerama Reopens Nov 19 with ‘Harry Potter 7’

Check out the classic theater’s upgrades and shiny new website.

11/15/2010 By Laura Dannen


Desk Jockeying

Fact: Outside The Office, Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson refuse to fight.

11/15/2010 By Laura Dannen

Book Signing

Apolo Ohno: Olympian, Dancer, Author

I wanted to add "man about town," but couldn’t confirm.

11/12/2010 By Laura Dannen

The Weekend Starts...Now.

Met Picks: Louis CK, SAM Remix, and 5 Concerts We Won’t Miss

The 10 best things to do this weekend.

11/11/2010 By Laura Dannen

Art Party

SAM Remix: Party Like Picasso

The artist had an absinthe phase…

11/10/2010 By Laura Dannen

Books & Talks

"Why Does Lemony Snicket Keep Following Me?"

Daniel Handler can’t seem to shake his literary shadow. Snicket might even sneak into Benaroya tonight.

11/09/2010 By Laura Dannen

Ticket Deal

Be the First to Book Billy Elliot Tickets

Seattle Met readers get first dibs on seats for the Broadway musical in Seattle.

11/08/2010 By Laura Dannen


X-Treme Pampering

Adventures in spa treatments at Spa Scotta, Northwest Face Spa at the Woodmark, Salish Lodge and Spa, Truce Spa, Elaia Spa at Hyatt at Olive 8, Vida Spa, The Spa at Pro Sports Club, and Penterra Spa at Heathman Hotel.

11/07/2010 By Christopher Werner and Laura Dannen

Books & Talks News

No More Words and Wine with Kim Ricketts

Local books-and-talks co. will host its final boozy event on Nov 10.

11/05/2010 By Laura Dannen

Pop Watch

Conan’s Back, and Joel McHale Chugs Scotch on the Today Show

Totally inane pop culture news, coming your way.

11/05/2010 By Laura Dannen

The Weekend Starts...Now.

Met Picks: Twyla Tharp at PNB, Flamenco, Reykjavik Calling

Your best entertainment bets Nov 4-7.

11/04/2010 By Laura Dannen


Win Tix to See Nora Ephron

She gave us Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally. Now’s your chance to chat with the rom-com queen.

11/04/2010 By Laura Dannen