Don’t Miss Mondays: Artifacts of Consequence

It’s the apocalypse (live!) at Little Theatre

By Laura Dannen November 16, 2009

Artifacts of Consequence

“America is ruined. Our infrastructure has collapsed. In Elliott Bay, a select group of people take refuge in an underwater bunker. Their task: Perpetuate America’s Legacy – Protect the Colony.”

If tasked with preserving American culture, what would you save? In the Satori Group’s stage production of Ashlin Halfnight’s Artifacts of Consequence, the audience is asked to vote to retain — or flush — remnants of a post-apocalyptic world. Would you keep pop icons, or masterpieces? A first-edition copy of Catcher in the Rye, or a Converse sneaker? (The decisions presumably get harder.)

The premise isn’t quite new (in Pixar’s Wall-E, the “spork” survives), but the cast of this 90-minute play has been getting rave reviews, and we’re not one to scoff at audience participation.

Nov 5-Nov 22; Thu-Mon, 8pm; Sun, 2pm. The Little Theatre, 608 19th Ave E.

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