LawNerd: Washington State Should Not Back Down on National ID Mandate

Is Washington state about to blink in staring contest with Washington, DC?

02/11/2015 By David Perez

Law Nerd

A Conservative Ruling, Not an "Activist" One, Threw Out the Two-Thirds Law

The Court’s Decision to Strike Down Two-Thirds Rule Was Based on Law, Not Politics

03/01/2013 By David Perez


Taking Aim at Gun Violence

LawNerd's five-point proposal for gun control.

12/17/2012 By David Perez


LawNerd: High Court to Take Up Prop 8 Ruling

US Supreme Court will rule on gay marriage next year.

12/07/2012 By David Perez


LawNerd: Big Decisions, Including California's Prop 8

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED: On the docket at the US Supreme Court: Affirmative Action, gay marriage, and voting rights.

12/07/2012 By David Perez


McKenna is Wrong to Ignore Framers' Clear Intent

Perkins Coie attorney David Perez takes on AG Rob McKenna re: Eyman's two-thirds rule.

10/03/2012 By David Perez