The Basic Math on Washington Schools

Basic arithmetic adds up to basic problem.

10/23/2013 By David A. Perez


Supreme Court Opens Door to Discrimination

Although the Court is right to point out that we are no longer living the 1960s, problems persist.

06/25/2013 By David A. Perez


Discrimination isn't Rational or Compelling

Arlene's Flower shop attempts to warp the Free Exercise Clause into a justification for discrimination.

05/21/2013 By David A. Perez


A Dream Referred (to Committee)

The state senate should pass the DREAM Act.

04/12/2013 By David A. Perez

Law Nerd

US Supreme Court Decision on Washington State Makes Case for VAWA

Why the Republicans' legal arguments against VAWA are racist and spurious.

02/26/2013 By David A. Perez


LawNerd: The Current Docket at the State Supreme Court

PubliCola's LawNerd looks at a few big deal cases currently on the docket in the state's highest court.

11/05/2012 By David A. Perez