Pop Culture Blast

Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Dischord Records and Art Theory with Malcolm Gladwell

Plus, Team USA singalongs, Tacocat GIFs, and Werner Herzog's Pokémon.

08/01/2016 By Seth Sommerfeld

Snap Judgment

Should It Be Legal to Pitch a Tent on the Sidewalk?

Seattle is monitoring a new Portland project to address homelessness.

06/22/2016 By Scott Johnson

Best Chefs

Seattle's Next Hot Chefs 2016

These five men and women are the future of Seattle dining. A future full of locavore tacos, Edomae sushi, and swaggering vegetable dishes.

05/23/2016 By Kathryn Robinson and Allecia Vermillion

Morning Fizz

Mayor Murray Communications Director Shelton Leaving After Year in Job

Murray lead spokesman Viet Shelton leaving for high paying Microsoft job.

03/18/2016 By Josh Feit


The Basic Math on Washington Schools

Basic arithmetic adds up to basic problem.

10/23/2013 By David A. Perez


Supreme Court Opens Door to Discrimination

Although the Court is right to point out that we are no longer living the 1960s, problems persist.

06/25/2013 By David A. Perez


Discrimination isn't Rational or Compelling

Arlene's Flower shop attempts to warp the Free Exercise Clause into a justification for discrimination.

05/21/2013 By David A. Perez


A Dream Referred (to Committee)

The state senate should pass the DREAM Act.

04/12/2013 By David A. Perez

Law Nerd

US Supreme Court Decision on Washington State Makes Case for VAWA

Why the Republicans' legal arguments against VAWA are racist and spurious.

02/26/2013 By David A. Perez


LawNerd: The Current Docket at the State Supreme Court

PubliCola's LawNerd looks at a few big deal cases currently on the docket in the state's highest court.

11/05/2012 By David A. Perez