On the Town

Puppet People

An exhibit at the Frye Art Museum includes notables like Nathalie Djurberg, William Kentridge, and Dennis Oppenheim. Sculptures, videos, and photographs examine themes of manipulation and control through puppetry.

04/22/2009 By Christopher Werner


Happy Hour Guide

Twenty-plus high-value happy hours#8212;wine, cocktails, noshes, and all-hours hangouts#8212 where you can snack and sip the best for less and longer.

04/22/2009 By James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, and Christopher Werner


Feel Great Now!

Destress, detoxify, and retune at some of Seattle’s finest spas. We select the best body scrubs, massages, facials, and all-natural treatments.

04/21/2009 With Steve Wiecking, Matthew Halverson, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Katie Zipper, Jill Watanabe, Katie Cornell, and Andrew Matson By Laura Cassidy


Best Bars

Where to go, who to know, what to order (HINT: It’s all about classic cocktails). Seattle Met has the lowdown on the city’s 25 best bars right now. Plus, there’s a whole new deal at happy hour

04/21/2009 By James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, and Christopher Werner


A Family Affair

Jason Hammel from Mates of State discusses being in a band with his wife, touring with tots, and expanding artistic boundaries on Re-Arrange Us.

04/10/2009 By Christopher Werner


Seattleites Sitting in Cars

What’s the deal?

04/09/2009 By Christopher Werner


One to Grow On

Architect Emory Baldwin’s Greenlake home puts his simple—yet revolutionary—design philosophy to the test.

02/11/2009 By Christopher Werner


The 2009 Quotable Spring Arts Guide

We spotlight this season’s bright stars. And they had something to say about it.

01/19/2009 By Steve Wiecking and Christopher Werner


52 Weekends

Think of all the Saturday mornings you’ve awoken with the same question rattling in 
your head: What am I doing this weekend? The following pages spell an end to that quandary. What to do with the most important 48 hours of the week in the best region on

01/09/2009 By James Ross Gardner, Laura Cassidy, Jim Gullo, Jessica Voelker, Lia Steakley Dicker, Christopher Werner, and Courtney Nash


Bedroom Eyes

You resolved to sleep better in ‘09. Here’s how.

01/05/2009 By Christopher Werner


Splish Splash

Just 50 years ago, bathrooms were small, dark, unappreciated utility rooms. No more. Today’s bathrooms are retreats designed to melt away the stress of hectic lives.

12/28/2008 By Christopher Werner and Roger Brooks


Best of the City 2008

Faced with a place that is busting with “bests,” how do we choose what’s the Best of the City? We focus on the new and the newly discovered—183 shops and services, activities and eateries that offer fresh, exciting viewpoints on the city and force us to d

12/28/2008 With Steve Wiecking, Kathryn Robinson, James Ross Gardner, Leah Finn, Laura Cassidy, Ben Schock, Stefan Durham, Christopher Werner, Roger Brooks, Lee Fehrenbacher, Rachelle Robinett, Sarah Anderson, Kelly Huffman, Erin Pursell, Laura Peach, and Wilson Diehl Edited by Jessica Voelker


Bonfire of the Bureaucrats

Getting burned by green intentions gone bad.

12/27/2008 By Christopher Werner


Suite Dreams

Accessory dwelling units may benefit owners and tenants alike.

12/27/2008 By Christopher Werner

Unnecessary Study of the Month

Nature is Good

12/27/2008 By Christopher Werner


Dancing with the Czars

The jig is up for a Seattle game developer.

12/20/2008 By Christopher Werner


True Value

Want to get the most for your home in a buyer’s market? Set the right price.

12/20/2008 By Christopher Werner