At the age of 13 Alysse Bryson wallpapered her bedroom walls in full-page magazine advertisements. Twenty-five years later, her love for magazines is still going strong as she sits at the helm of Seattle Met magazine, Seattle’s No. 1 selling and award-winning magazine, as publisher. Alysse oversees the sales, marketing, events, and promotions of Seattle Met. She also works closely with the audience development team, web team, and production team to help keep the fast moving train on the tracks. As the face of the magazine, Alysse is also closely partnered with over 100 local nonprofits annually. When she’s not running a magazine and creating incredible, sold-out events and promotions, she spends her free time with her 19 year old son Jakob. Alysse is also on the Board of Governors at the Columbia Tower Club and a Board Member at the Recovery Café in downtown Seattle.