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The Things That Make Us

Regular Seattleites share the stuff they just can't get enough of.

By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Chona Kasinger

We all have a hobby. Playing pickleball perhaps. Reading. Mountaineering. But for these Seattleites, it's all about one particular object that makes their hearts happy. It's as much an identity, a tradition, as it is a hobby. In the sort of words of Marie Kondo, these home collections simply spark joy.


DJ Supreme La Rock Is the Ultimate Record Collector

This KEXP mix master and international DJ has been into vinyl since he was a young boy. "I stopped counting around 50,000."


Alice Finch Builds Epic Lego Models

The Bippity Bricks founder specializes in "brickitecture" and champions inclusion in the world of toy building.


Polaris Altares Chooses Pikachu

The 12-year-old Pokémon Tabletop Card Game contender tries to collect 'em all.


Alex Crick Wanders the Globe for Snow Globes

This software test engineer and freelance photographer started collecting on a whim. Then it snowballed.


Nikki and Chuck Olson Go Over the Board for Chess Sets

This travel-loving Seattle family has turned collecting pieces and chessboards into a tradition.


Trevor Boone Strums for Vintage Left-Handed Guitars

The Emerald City Guitars owner draws from his lifelong love of collecting and bygone eras.


Robert and LaFaye McFerrin Go Quackers for Rubber Ducks

This Wedgwood couple are the beneficiaries of over 2,000 ducky friends.

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