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How Much Snow Are We Going to Get This Weekend?

Flurries on Thursday were likely just a prelude.

By Benjamin Cassidy February 12, 2021

Light snow over Seattle viewed from Beacon Hill

Not this morning, but pretty much this morning.

This week has once again proven that few things get Seattleites talking, or typing, like snow. Whether it's longtime locals calling a dusting a "storm" or recent transplants bragging about their driving skills in the flakes, the possibility of a winter wonderland elicits a unique mix of excitement and trepidation here. Just check social media, where we're quite, ahem, active right now. As a New York friend texted me this morning, "The Seattle snow tweets are really making it clear where everyone lives these days."

So far 2021's version of the Snowpocalypse has provided plenty of fodder for the snarky set of Seattleites who hail from frostier climes. While Olympia got plenty of the fluffy stuff on Thursday, our city didn't eclipse an inch of snowfall.

But that's probably about to change. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect from 10pm tonight through 4pm Saturday. During that time, we can expect somewhere between three and seven inches of snow, with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service.

Others have submitted their own prognostications. KING 5 meteorologist Rich Marriott projects four to eight inches. KIRO 7 says no more than six in King County. KOMO predicts three to six.

We'd have to hit the very high end of those ranges to threaten the list of top 10 snowiest days in Seattle history, per the Seattle Weather Blog. Still, several inches of snow is plenty to wreak havoc on this city's roads and sidewalks. "To all the people who moved here in the last few years, and think you’re a great driver in the snow," mayor Jenny Durkan said earlier this week, "you're not."

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