Self-quarantining has reminded us that you can't cultivate cannabis for fun in this state.

► “We support it wholeheartedly. I hope people—consumers—look at the idea of people being able to grow a plant or two in the privacy of their own home as a personal freedom issue.” —Kevin Oliver, executive director, Washington chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

► “I’ve heard lots of people in the community refer to Washington state legality as prohibition-lite, because yes, we can go buy cannabis in certain [amounts], but we can’t grow it ourselves. So, that’s not true legalization.” —Macy Wood, PR and marketing manager, Herbs House cannabis shop

► “In the same way I love the autonomy and freedom of home brewing, I’m all for pot users having the option to grow their own in a state where recreational use is legal. I doubt home growing will hurt the current marijuana industry any more than home brewing harms professional brewing.” —Tas Philp, member, Rat City Homebrewers

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