► “Seattleites lack confidence. [This app] will definitely help break the ice. We talk about the [Seattle] Freeze so much it makes unfreezing harder to do, but if we stopped talking about it, it would just go away.” —Marina Resto, Instagram blogger, Dating in Seattle

► “Seattle needs to get away from dating apps. The more that our interactions move to devices [the more] we are losing our ability to connect. We’re losing those skills of human interaction.” —Jenna Bean Veatch, event host, The Not-Creepy Gathering For People Who Are Single and Want to Fall in Love

► “We need a specialized dating app because we do have special people here. We’re voted the worst city to date in and I’ve been single a long time in Seattle. Other dating apps just can’t really adapt to what Seattle wants…like dating by neighborhood.” —Ben Mussi, creator, Seattle Dating App

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