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A Dating App for Dog Lovers Is a Real Actual Thing and It Launches This Month

When Wowzer goes live on October 23, romance with a fellow dog owner is just a swipe away.

By Nicole Pasia October 17, 2019

This is some 101 Dalmatians level of meet-cute right here.

When Seattle native Michi Suzuki walked into her future wife’s kitchen for the first time, she saw magnet on the fridge that read, “Love me, love my dog.” It was love at first sight. Years later, it inspired an app. 

Introducing Wowzer, a dating app where dogs become your wingman—or rather, wing-dog. It launches on October 23.

Wowzer is the answer, say Suzuki and her friend and business partner Stephanie Worley, for Seattle dog lovers who can’t seem to find their paw-fect fit (sorry, we had to). About four years ago, the duo originally planned to open a doggy day care but ultimately changed course: “We talked to so many of our friends and family members that were incredible catches, great dog owners, and they were still single,” says Suzuki, who realized their furry friends were a common dominator.

Seattle is the country’s most dog-friendly city of 2019, according to popular Seattle-based dog care company Rover. So a dog-focused app totally tracks.

Wowzer isn’t the first Seattle-based dating app (in fact, another launched last month), but it connects users through a shared interest—our fluffy friends—rather than profiles and geography alone. The app allows for “that instant kind of connection when you share something so important in your life with someone else,” says Suzuki, just like that fated moment in her wife’s kitchen. “[Someone who] values dogs as much as I do.” Plus, Suzuki contends, dogs make for an easy icebreaker and it’s a great way to get outdoors.

So how does it work? Wowzer pulls basic information from Facebook for a quick sign-up, where you can make a profile and tagline. You can make one for your dog, too, which Suzuki describes as the “secret sauce that everyone’s really excited about.” If you match with another dog lover, Wallace (Wowzer’s spokes-dog) will give you a heads-up that mutual tails are wagging.

“You could be the shiest person in the world,” Suzuki said, “and if you see a puppy or a dog, the shyness automatically goes away.”

While it goes live on the App Store on October 23, Suzuki and Worley are planning a launch party on November 3 at Optimism Brewing Company (basically dog-lover central anyway), with eats from the Marination food truck, cooking demos, games, and  prizes. And, yes, there will be dogs galore, including a few you can adopt.

Wowzer Launch Party
Nov 3, Optimism Brewing, Free

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