From left to right, Marc Summers, Kerry Accola, Michael Gaston, Alejandra Quetzalli, and Wayne Horvitz.

Image: Jane Sherman

Marc Summers

Are we in a ’90s time machine? This prolific TV game show host brings Nickelodeon’s Double Dare Live! to the Paramount (Oct 22)—bring your own slime poncho.

Kerry Accola

The marine researcher kayaks the edge of Elliott Bay day and night to study young salmon via sonar camera. But is she getting their good side?

Michael Gaston

Find’s CEO, the viral video guru behind a truth-or-dare version of beer pong, at the Seattle Interactive Conference (Oct 17 & 18). Who’s up for a round?

Alejandra Quetzalli

Look to this autodidact programmer—and sheCodesNow founder whose nonprofit empowers women in tech—for a bug-free moral code. 

Wayne Horvitz

The Seattle keyboardist recently won the American Prize in Composition for the orchestra division. Nobody’s playing the world’s smallest violin here.