Elizabeth Warren with husband Bruce Mann and dog Bailey in New Hampshire earlier this year.

Since launching her bid for president in February, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren has campaigned in 26 states around the country—and now she’s coming to Washington. This Sunday, Warren will host a town hall event at Seattle Center's International Fountain. Although those interested in attending the event are encouraged to register online, no official tickets are required. It begins at 2:15pm. 

Warren's team has yet to reveal any concrete details surrounding the town hall's format and focus. It is also unclear how many people the Warren campaign expects to attend. Presumably there will be a massive crowd, as the campaign changed the town hall's location from WaMu Theater to the fountain Friday afternoon.

Despite the existing confusion surrounding the event, we thought we'd take the opportunity to write eight burning questions we have for the presidential candidate in honor of her upcoming visit to Seattle: 

1. What’s worse: the Seattle Freeze or Massholes? Seattle’s not-so-welcoming culture is facing some competition, at least according to the results of a recent survey naming Massachusetts the 47th friendliest state—two states behind Washington. Warren may not yet know what it feels like to live in our cold-hearted city, but if she sticks around for a few days, we’re sure she’ll quickly find out.

2. Have you given any thought to a Warren-Johnson ticket? Warren has been very vocal about her crush on Hollywood’s resident action star and all-around good person Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Earlier this year, The Rock took note of Warren’s love for his HBO show Ballers and sent her a signed copy of the pilot script that she keeps on her desk in DC for safe keeping. 

3. Do you have anyone in mind for the head of the EPA? We might know someone who’s available—especially after last night's announcement.

4. Can we pet your dog? Be still our hearts. Warren adopted her adorable golden retriever, Bailey, a year ago. The pup has become a fan favorite on the campaign trail, with voters often scrambling to get their picture taken with the famous pooch. The dog is so universally loved, Warren’s team has begun selling a "Bailey for First Dog" handerkerchief. You can follow Bailey’s adventures on her unofficial fan twitter account @FirstDogBailey.

5. Do you actually have a plan for that? Yes, she does.

6. Are you still Team Daenerys? One episode into Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season, Warren wrote a piece for The Cut about her love of the popular HBO show, its blonde queen Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryen, and her hatred for Cersei Lannister. Three months after witnessing Dany’s unfortunate and dark rise to power, we’d love to know: Is she still pro-Khaleesi?

7. Forget policy, what Seattle CEO would you challenge in a dance battle? The senator may not be the best dancer but she’s definitely not afraid to show off her moves. Even at 70, we’re confident Warren could take down any bigwig CEO in a head-to-head dance battle—we’re looking at you, Bezos.

8. Can we get a selfie? Warren is the reigning selfie queen of the campaign trail. Her team is a well-oiled machine, racking up more than 38,000 selfies since entering the presidential race, so we’re confident one more won’t be a problem.

Editor's Note: This article was updated August 23 at 3pm to reflect a change in location.

Seattle Town Hall with Elizabeth Warren
Aug 25, International Fountain at Seattle Center, Free