From left to right, Anastacia-Reneé, Moby, Sam Zimbabwe, Sarah Kostick, and Heather Anderson.

Image: David Wilson


Her tenure as Seattle’s civic poet is ending, but the prolific writer keeps winning: The Artist Trust and Frye Art Museum Consortium recently awarded her $50,000.


The music icon comes to Town Hall May 10 to talk about his memoir, in which he takes ecstasy for breakfast. It’s called Then It Fell Apart. We can’t imagine why.

Sam Zimbabwe

SDOT’s new transportation director arrived just as the actually-not-bad Viadoom ended. In a city facing escalating congestion, let’s hope he’s a sort of transit omen.

Sarah Kostick

To fight an orchard disease called “fire blight,” the WSU doctoral candidate is researching new apple cultivars. Should the Honeycrisp make room for the Kostick?

Heather Anderson

The local is now the first woman to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking in a calendar year and still had energy to write a book about thru-hiking.

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