Snap Judgment

Should Jay Inslee Run for President?

The Washington governor, best known for his climate agenda, has fueled speculation on a 2020 bid for over a year.

By Emma Scher February 6, 2019 Published in the March 2019 issue of Seattle Met

“Representation matters. More and more people in our country look to government for leadership [but] they’re not seeing people who look like them. Whether it’s Inslee or somebody else, this is a perpetuation of a system that isn’t living up to its values.”

—Kristine Reeves, state representative, 30th Legislative District

“Governor Inslee has been a tireless environmental champion. That’s welcome leadership here at home, but one that’s sorely needed on the national stage.”

—Nick Abraham, former spokesperson, Yes on 1631 campaign

“Most of the country will say, ‘Jay who?’ Very few governors have a national profile… But you can make money by betting on the underdog. He has a profile that’s distinctive from what everyone else is offering at this point.”

—Mark Smith, associate chair, University of Washington Department of Political Science

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