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Schultz's Voting Record, E-Bikes, and Krakens

Your weekly dose of city news in short.

By Anne Dennon February 22, 2019

1. Ex-Starbucks CEO and coy presidential candidate Howard Schultz talks the involved-citizen talk, but fails to walk the walk: He didn't vote in this month's election on Seattle school levies and has sat out on most elections since 2005. 

2. If you enjoy the arduous crawl of pedaling a single-speed bike up Seattle's hills, Lime bikes are no longer for you—by mid-March, the whole fleet will be electric

3. One in five people booked in Seattle jails is homeless and, while their crimes are largely nonviolent, the repercussions can be brutal—notably the loss of federal funding (because being in jail counts as being housed). 

4. Mayor Jenny Durkan still prefers the Seattle Krakens to the Seattle Sockeyes for the city's impending NHL team name—"There is no such thing as a fierce fish," she told the crowd at her State of the City address.

5. Those who cop a "free" ride on King County Metro now face more lenient punishment: a reduced fee (from $124 to $50), and offenders are no longer sent to court or collections. 

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