Image: Danny Hellman

1. Venturing into long-neglected outdoor seating areas, the Craft Brew Barfly hunts for the first cornhole game of the season.

2. Having seen its shadow, the Endemic Freelance Developer retreats to its WeWork beanbag and burrows deeper into the code.

3. The Saddle-Shoed Barista sheds its thrift store sweater cocoon.

4. The Californian Condo Dweller returns to its seasonal South Lake Union perch.

5. The Common Urban Gardener emanates the scent of this year’s trendiest fertilizer.

6. The Remote Microsoft Employee emerges from hibernation to post all of its Scandinavian crime novels onto Buy Nothing.

7. At the first sight of deceptively clear skies, the Real Estate Agent lures an unsuspecting weekend visitor into an Alki open house.

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