From left, Ronald J. Shurer, Sister Judy Byron, Wade Washington, Vivian Hua, and Debra Smith.

Image: David Wilson

Ronald J. Shurer

The Washington State University alum received the Medal of Honor for saving lives during a battle in Afghanistan. The Cougar turned into a lion.

Sister Judy Byron

The Seattle nun sways shareholders to rein in gun manufacturers. And that’s not because rulers for rapping knuckles are her weapon of choice.

Wade Washington

The kidney transplant patient is now a UW student studying to become a kidney transplant surgeon. The phrase “circle of life” has never been so literal.

Vivian Hua

Northwest Film Forum’s new executive director is a former graphic designer. Is it possible for film to become an even more visual medium?

Debra Smith

She is Seattle City Light’s new chief executive officer. Here’s hoping our poorly run electric utility doesn’t come as a shock.