Howard Schultz

His decision to step down as Starbucks chairman has us suspecting POTUS aspirations. One nation under pumpkin spice latte?





Oprah Winfrey

She recently paid $8.28 million for an Orcas Island mansion. Not long before she proclaims, “You get a whale. And you get a whale. And you get a whale.”


Paurl Walsh

The composer spent the summer in the Fremont Bridge tower as SDOT’s artist in residence. Listen closely, and ship canal boat horns and Fremont Ave traffic jams do sound baroque.

Barbara Ivanov

The director of UW’s Urban Freight Lab is problem-solving the scourge of package theft. Finally, someone’s thinking outside the stolen box.

David Zinn

The Bainbridge-raised scenic and costume designer won a Tony Award for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical. Somewhere in Bikini Bottom they’re celebrating.



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