“We’ll always support companies and developers like Amazon that build using our members. Amazon’s been really good along those lines.”

—Dale Bright, political director, Laborers Local Union 242

“Being so dependent on a single employer has effects on our economy, and also it has effects on our democracy, as we’ve seen. A single threat from Amazon throws a huge wrench into the legislative process around the progressive business tax.”

—Katie Wilson, officer, Transit Riders Union

“Amazon has been good for Seattle.… The image of a progressive city—on the edge of technology, and close to where things are going, and the types of people it draws in terms of employees, and how those employees spend their money—I think all of that is positive.”

—William Bradford, endowed professor of business and economic development, University of Washington

“It’s a mixed bag.… My vision of corporate citizenship includes things that Amazon could stand to do a whole lot better on, starting with matching their employees’ retirement contributions, paying taxes, and helping to offset some of the deleterious effects of their rapid, sometimes distorting growth on our city.… Their level of participation in civic life leaves a lot of room for improvement.”

—Alison Eisinger, director, Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness

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