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Morning Roundup: The Zuckerbot, "Tax Amazon" Rally, Midterm Elections

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By Hayat Norimine April 11, 2018

Happy Wednesday:

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Reddit went nuts over Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's testimony in Congress yesterday, gifs galore.

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ZUCKERBERG'S APOLOGY: "It's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools to be used for harm. We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, that was a big mistake. And that was my mistake, and I'm sorry. I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here."

U.S. senator Maria Cantwell, as a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, questioned Zuckerberg: "What are the applications and interests that are being discussed without putting real teeth into this? We don't want to come back to this situation again. I believe you have all the talent. My question is whether you have all the will to help us solve this problem." Watch Cantwell's full questioning here

Here are some quick takeaways:

-Zuckerberg says he's not against regulations and said his company would work with lawmakers, but resisted efforts by senators to try to commit him to supporting them.

-Zuckerberg cares about his own privacy too, as shown when senator Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, asked him if he was comfortable sharing which hotel he stayed in the night before.

-Oh, and senators seem thoroughly confused by Facebook, how it makes money, and how it works in general.

Zuckerber's facing the House Energy and Commerce Committee this morning. Here's U.S. representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

As a reminder, The Seattle Times last month reported Facebook has doubled the number of its employees in Seattle in the past two years.

MIDTERM: A poll showed U.S. representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers could face a challenging race this year against WSU Spokane chancellor Lisa Brown, The Spokesman-Review reported. 

What does House speaker Paul Ryan stepping down mean? Another vulnerable seat for Republicans. And the question now is whether it'll spur other retirements from Republicans reluctant to face unhappy voters come November. 

COUNCIL MEMBER KSHAMA SAWANT led a protest outside the Amazon spheres yesterday evening as she pushes for a head tax on big businesses that would raise $150 million a year for homeless services. (That's double the amount that the task force recommended to city council.) 

"Amazon scandalously received a $789 million windfall this year on old unpaid taxes just from Trump's corporate tax cuts," Sawant said in her email. "We know big businesses like Amazon can afford it, but we won't win this without building a fighting movement, and we need you!" 

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