Morning Roundup

Morning Roundup: King County Democrats, Metro, More Sinclair

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By Hayat Norimine April 9, 2018

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL: will vote on a bill outlining design guidelines for the Central District's future developments.

KING COUNTY DEMOCRATS chair, Bailey Stober, resigned yesterdayThe Stranger reported. Stober's resignation comes two months after allegations surfaced that he harassed and intimidated a former female employee. (Here's the full session.) The Seattle Times first reported an internal memo that said Stober repeatedly called the woman, Koss Vallejo, derogatory names and pressured her to have drinks with him. 

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KING COUNTY METRO: A new audit into the agency's fare enforcement program showed it's disproportionately hurting homeless people—a quarter of those fines go to people experiencing homelessness or housing instability. 

MORE SINCLAIR. That anti-Sinclair ad by KOMO: 

Other good reads:

-The attorney for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, faced allegations of shady business dealings when his firm owned Tully's Coffee.

-A profile on Seattle's Community Police Commission executive director, Fe Lopez

-Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large retired after 36 years. Here's his goodbye column

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