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How Many Women Sit on the Boards of Major Seattle Companies?

Sigh—the numbers are kind of pathetic.

By Alison Klein January 19, 2018

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The mermaid watches over Starbucks HQ.

Women run Seattle.  Well, the city, anyway. We have female congressional representation, a majority of women over on city council, and, after nearly a century, we finally elected a female mayor. Corporate governance, though? That’s different. Despite a pile of studies showing companies perform better with more women on the board, there is clearly still work to be done in this town: None of the Fortune 500 or other large companies based in the Seattle metro area have a majority of women on their boards. We'll give due credit to Alaska Airlines for having the greatest share (4 out of 10). Is it a coincidence that Alaska continues to rake in best airline awards? Hmm...

We’ll let the rest of the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Alaska Airlines: 4/10
  • Amazon: 3/10
  • Boeing*: 3/13
  • Costco: 2/12
  • Expedia: 4/15
  • Expeditors International: 2/10
  • Microsoft: 4/14
  • Nordstrom: 3/12
  • Paccar: 2/11
  • REI: 4/12
  • Safeco Insurance: 1/13
  • Starbucks: 3/13
  • T-Mobile: 1/11
  • Weyerhaueser: 3/11

*Boeing's headquarters are in Chicago, but it remains the biggest employer in Washington state.

Correction 1/29/18: Alaska Airlines has 4, not the originally stated 5, women on their board of directors.

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