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“It’s a time for the people of Seattle…to start having conversations about how we manage congestion because it’s getting significantly out of hand.”

—Mike O’Brien, member, Seattle City Council

“We’ve already paid for these roads…. It’s understandable when you build something new like a tunnel…but to toll every other road going into and out of? That’s not really a good thing.”

—Shelia Dunn, communications director, National Motorists Association

“Many people will hate the idea of tolling. Period. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Done correctly it can be really good. Done badly, it can be a disaster.”

—Mark Hallenbeck, director, Washington State Transportation Center at the University of Washington

“When you start reaching levels of extreme congestion, it becomes one of the best, if not the only tool that can be used to reliably increase speed and capacity.”

—Jonathan Hopkins, executive director, Commute Seattle

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