Murray Allegations

Murray's Accuser Files New Lawsuit, Includes the City

While Heckard's attorneys dropped the sexual abuse lawsuit in May, they promised the case would return next year.

By Hayat Norimine October 23, 2017

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Delvonn Heckard, the 46-year-old man who in April sued former mayor Ed Murray alleging child rape, filed another lawsuit on Monday—and this time it includes the city. 

Heckard's lawsuit alleging that Murray sexually abused him in the 1980s—starting when Heckard was 15 years old—exposed several other similar accusations and eventually led to Murray's resignation in September. While Heckard's attorneys dropped the sexual abuse lawsuit in May, they promised the case would return next year. 

The resurrected lawsuit came sooner than anticipated. The Seattle Times on Monday reported on the new complaint, which kept many of the same details filed earlier (the layout of Murray's apartment, his old phone number, the mole on his genitals) but argued the city played a role in alleged negligence and defamation of Heckard. It lists public statements in support of Murray made by council member Sally Bagshaw and council president Bruce Harrell.

The lawsuit also makes a reference to widespread sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein that have been covered up in the industry for years. Beauregard in the complaint said Heckard's legal team "was so convinced that the system would not offer fair treatment, or even minimal due process," that it delayed the lawsuit until Murray could no longer use his power. Murray's spokesperson couldn't immediately be reached for comment. 

"Delvonn was anxious and we are no longer fearful Murray will be able to use his position of power to influence the court system," Beauregard wrote to PubliCola, on why he filed the lawsuit earlier.

The complaint takes issue with statements that his firm had connections to anti-LGBTQ groups and a right-wing agenda, and said Murray spread "false and harmful information" about Heckard to extinguish the claims. Beauregard also mentioned statements by Murray's husband, Michael Shiosaki, and said personal spokesperson Jeff Reading may also be named as a defendant. 

"All of these individuals, and Mr. Murray's campaign team, acted in concert to perpetuate this fraud," Beauregard wrote. 

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