City Council Position 8 Race

Mosqueda and Grant Will Face Off in General Election

Sara Nelson conceded after Thursday's results.

By Hayat Norimine August 4, 2017

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Sara Nelson conceded the race for Seattle City Council Position 8 on Thursday, after nearly 40,000 more counted ballots in Seattle significantly extended Jon Grant's second-place lead. Teresa Mosqueda kept her solid first-place position now with 31.7 percent. 

Grant was leading over Nelson by 877 votes after Wednesday's count, just 0.9 percentage points; but Thursday's count put him above Nelson by 3,567 votes (2.7 percentage points). They expected that margin to grow as another 30,000 late votes get counted Friday. 

"I felt very confident that we would make it through to the general," Grant told PubliCola Tuesday night, already expecting a 5-7 percent jump in his favor with late votes. "It was very reaffirming for us to see that come through."

Nelson in a released statement thanked her supporters and said her campaign brought together a range of people "from moderates to bleeding-heart liberals," business owners and environmentalists. 

"While I am disappointed by the results, I am proud that our collective efforts garnered the support of almost a quarter of voters in this race," Nelson said. "I said from the beginning that even if I lose, I will have started a conversation in Seattle and these results demonstrate that there is a place for the voice of small business in Seattle politics." 

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That leaves Mosqueda and Grant to face off in the November 8 general election, both progressives who differ the most on their approach to affordable housing and police reform.

"I think the distinction is already clear," Mosqueda told PubliCola Tuesday night, citing her endorsements from Democratic and labor groups in the city, as well as five city council members and several other state and federally elected officials. "I've lived my progressive values."

Results as of 4pm Thursday: 

  • Teresa Mosqueda: 31.7% (40,973)
  • Jon Grant: 25.4% (32,873)
  • Sara Nelson: 22.7% (29,306)
  • Rudy Pantoja: 5.3% (6,888)
  • Charlene Strong: 4.7% (6,062)
  • Hisam Goueli: 3.1% (4,025)
  • Mac McGregor: 2.2% (2,840)

Mosqueda's widespread support in the primary shows Grant faces an uphill battle to appeal to the more centrist and conservative voters of Seattle—the former Tenants Union leader demands that 25 percent of all new development in the city go to affordable housing, while Mosqueda argues that number would slow down construction.

He also has a tougher stance on police reform and wants negotiations with unions to be made public, and for the Community Police Commission to have the ability to fire the police chief and start investigations conducted by the inspector general. Grant on election night told PubliCola he'd continue his grassroots campaign for the general. He was endorsed by two council members, The Stranger and Seattle Weekly.

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