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Tim Eyman Awkwardly Gets Involved in Seattle's Mayoral Race

In an odd press release Friday morning, Eyman likened Durkan to Donald Trump.

By Hayat Norimine July 14, 2017

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Conservative initiative pusher Tim Eyman crashes Jessyn Farrell's press conference on July 13, 2017.

Conservative activist Tim Eyman is proposing another initiative—to undo Sound Transit's voter-approved taxes and instead enact a flat $30 car tab fee for every vehicle throughout the state.

The announcement earlier this week spurred transit crusader and mayoral candidate Jessyn Farrell to hold a press conference Thursday, where—joined by council member Rob Johnson and Transportation Choices Coalition's Abigail Doerr—she denounced the initiative, likened Eyman to Trump, and urged voters to fight the measure.

“I'm proud to have worked to get the ST3 measure on the ballot last year, demand more affordable housing, and make sure we hire Washington workers,” Farrell said in a statement. “As Mayor I will be the strongest advocate for expediting delivery—and standing up to bullies like Tim Eyman who want to block the rail our neighborhoods deserve and need.”

Eyman crashed the press conference Thursday, and added one more attention-grabbing response: "If I still lived in Seattle, I'd vote for Jenny Durkan."

Farrell's release following the presser included Eyman's unsolicited endorsement and highlighted her role in the passage of Sound Transit 3. And Eyman's comment sparked back-and-forth statements between the initiative hawker and Durkan—who both attacked Eyman as a "village idiot" and blasted Farrell for her vote supporting the MVET bill. 

"Let me be clear: My view is that Tim Eyman is the self-promoting village idiot of Washington state. Despite his lengthening losing streak on his misguided initiatives, unfortunately he just won't go away," Durkan said in a Facebook post on Thursday following the press conference. "By the way, had I been in the Legislature I also would not have voted to cut $2 billion in light rail funding, the way one of my opponents did earlier this year."

Eyman sent another odd press release Friday morning—with the subject line "My response to Jenny Durkan's name-calling (I'd still vote for her)," in which he likened Durkan to president Donald Trump both as first-time candidates making "missteps." He also said at a candidate forum, Durkan "literally ran in the opposite direction" as he approached her. 

"Yet despite all her rookie mistakes and her Trumpian remarks, I’d still vote for Jenny Durkan just like I did for Donald Trump last November," Eyman wrote, and (incorrectly) mentioned Durkan as opposing the city's income tax. 

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