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Downtown Seattle in September 2015. 

City of Seattle

For the second time in under a decade, Seattle is the fastest-growing major U.S. city, The Seattle Times reported. For the past year, Seattle had a net growth of 21,000 people (more than 57 a day), putting us over 700,000 people within city limits. It's only natural that many Seattleites are left wondering how we'll accommodate such growth. 

Seattle also leads other metropolitan cities in growing housing density from 2010-2016, The New York Times reported. As metro cities like Austin and San Antonio begin to sprawl out even further, urban areas like Seattle have become denser over the past six years.

In a briefing that happened to be scheduled for the morning after a fatal shooting at Alki Beach Tuesday, police officials said Seattle's also facing an uptick in gun violence—but it's not linked to the summer months like general calls for service. Two men were also shot at Gas Works on Friday morning, according to reports, and sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Mayor Ed Murray's legal team on Wednesday filed to request that the lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of teens decades ago be dismissed. (Attorneys who spoke to PubliCola in April predicted this move, though it wasn't included in the published Q&A format.) In the official court documents, Murray "denies any inappropriate contact with the plaintiff or any minor." Murray's attorneys in court documents argue that the plaintiff, Delvonn Heckard, failed to provide a legitimate claim in the case and that any allegations would fall outside Washington's statute of limitations. 

State Politics

Governor Jay Inslee called legislators into a second special session Tuesday, urging lawmakers to finish the two-year state budget and satisfy the 2012 Supreme Court ruling for the state to stop heavily relying on local levies to fund basic education. Inslee also took a capital gains tax off the table as a source of new revenue, disappointing advocacy groups that hoped the proposal would be a solution to the state's regressive tax system

The state has a September 1, 2018 deadline to comply with the court's mandate. With the current two-year budget set to expire on June 30, the state finds their deadline approaching at the risk of a partial government shutdown.

Seattle Versus Trump

The Lynnwood-Northgate light-rail extension comes under fire. The Seattle Times reported the Sound Transit plan could stand to lose $1.1 billion in funding, roughly half of what expected cost, in Trump's proposed budget. The Federal Transit Administration approved the use of the funds but, in explanation of the cuts, Trump's administration argued that public transit isn't a national mission. Sound Transit and their allies in Washington plan to fight the proposed budget cuts. 

The Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) released their health care report early this week. The new report shows that roughly 14 million Americans would lose health insurance next year with an additional 23 million more in 2026. At a press briefing shortly after the report was issued, Senator Patty Murray said she hopes this will cause many representatives to take pause. "They will be going home to people who will lose their insurance."

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