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By Allison Williams April 17, 2017 Published in the May 2017 issue of Seattle Met

Eclipse the dog seattle maku8i


Breed Black labrador retriever

Age 5

Claim to Fame Everyone knows the bus-riding dog, thanks to local news appearances and a Metro commercial, who hops the D Line to the dog park solo several days a week. Queen Anne owner Jeff Young discovered her independence by accident—she boarded the bus while he smoked—and takes her on moped rides when she hasn’t already ditched him for public transit. 


Cooper the cat seattle pocb1a


Breed American shorthair

Age 12

Claim to Fame The Ansel Adams of Green Lake wears a collar camera that snaps a shot every two minutes, capturing his chosen subjects—squirrels, possums, ankles—with a signature tilt and motion blur. Living with two documentarians probably explains his aesthetic, chronicled in his book, Cat Cam: The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat. See some of Cooper's portfolio here.


Big bird bubba f8i4pp

Big Bird Bubba

Breed Moluccan cockatoo

Age 31

Claim to Fame Actually, don’t call him a pet; owner Muraco Kyashna-tocha considers her bird her life partner (though she also recently took on a second bird companion, Misha the macaw). Bubba has long caused double takes in Capitol Hill: Come summer, he ventures outside on Kyashna-tocha’s bicycle, tethered to her helmet, or to the bar at Liberty. Watch a video of Bubba's antics here.


Img 5783 qnxqtd

Call me "sir."

Sir Charles Barkley

Breed French bulldog

Age 5

Claim to Fame With half a million Instagram followers (@barkleysircharles), the North King County canine is riding his droopy jowls and clamshell ears straight to the red carpets and Mariners promotions. His secret: unflapping willingness to model sweaters, jerseys, scarves, toupees, and silly hats.


Magic at mount baker tzydke

Magic at Mount Baker.


Breed Unknown feline mix

Age 1

Claim to Fame Disinclined to leave the adventurous life to the dogs, the San Jose–born tabby loves hiking and Instagramming (@furrymagic), like so many other Capitol Hill residents. Naturally he’s leash trained—the trick is lots of treats, constant cheerleading, and letting him lead on the trail, sort of like how you hike with a toddler.

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