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Seattle mayor Ed Murray in September 2014.

Seattle mayor Ed Murray issued a statement Wednesday afternoon calling for the case to be dismissed now that he provided a physical exam that said he had no mole.

“Without offering any evidence, the accuser has described me in very specific and intimate detail, and his accusation depends on these descriptions being accurate," Murray said. "If this description is inaccurate, the accusation cannot be credible. Yesterday, I provided material evidence refuting the accusation. The accusation should be laid to rest."

The statement comes after the attorney of the man suing Mayor Murray on grounds of child rape and molestation requested to depose Murray on May 2 (his 62nd birthday).

Lincoln Beauregard—who is representing the 46-year-old Kent man suing Murray known by his initials D.H.—filed a court summons Wednesday that also responded to the press conference held a day earlier on the mole. Murray's attorney, Bob Sulkin, on Tuesday said Murray's doctor confirmed there was no mole. Sulkin called the physical exam "game changing" and the "crux" of the allegations. 

"Bumps, warts, and/or moles do not always remain 30 years," Beauregard wrote in the summons. 

Sulkin said Murray would be asked about medical matters and prior use of campaign funds "to extinguish the voices of other victims." The Seattle Times reported that Murray in 2008 paid an attorney $18,000 to defend him against Jeff Simpson, who made similar claims of child rape but never filed the lawsuit after his representation withdrew.

Beauregard asked for no delays beyond May 19, though lawyers say the deposition is unlikely to happen quickly. He also still offered for Sulkin to depose D.H. first and requested that the accuser's deposition be videotaped.

On Wednesday afternoon, The Seattle Times editorial board also published an op-ed calling for Murray not to run for reelection and said his stepping down would draw better "mainstream candidates." They wrote that council member Kshama Sawant "or some other extreme left-wing idealogue" would steer "this booming city wildly off course."

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