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Ted Chiang 

Arrival, the mind-bending big-screen adaptation of his short fiction Story of Your Life, was an awards-season darling. But if you ask us, the sci-fi writer based in Bellevue arrived years ago.

Millie Bobby Brown

Do: Head to Emerald City Comicon for a photo op with Stranger Things’ Eleven. Don’t: Ask her to crush a Coke can with her head. (Washington State Convention Center, Mar 4 & 5)

Kevin McAllister 

As the new CEO of Boeing’s commercial airlines unit, one of his biggest jobs will be boosting sales—and flying under the radar of our new tweet-happy POTUS.

Naomi Bashkansky 

With her aggressive play, the Bellevue eighth grader won the World School Chess Championship in Sochi. Hey, at least someone’s willing to put Russia in check.

Jerry Beppu 

After decades of tying lures and scooping worms for Seattle anglers at Linc’s Fishing Tackle in the ID, Beppu is closing the family business. It’s no fish story to say Linc’s was a real catch.

Rebecca Saldaña 

Appointed to replace state senator Pramila Jayapal, the former head of Puget Sound Sage has an ambitious plan to defend at-risk communities. Her timing is impeccable.

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