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Jayapal Won't Attend Trump Inauguration

Running for city council, boycotting Trump, and cancelling bike share.

By Josh Feit January 16, 2017

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 1. NAACP vice president Sheley Secrest, a lawyer and former Urban league policy staffer, will announce today that she’s running for Position Eight on the Seattle City Council, the at-large position that’s open this year. Position Eight incumbent, longtime city council member Tim Burgess has decided not to run.

Secrest was one of the eight finalists (out of 44 people who submitted resumes) for a council appointment back in 2015 when city council member Sally Clark resigned.

More recently she went for the 37th Legislative District state senate appointment, but didn’t make the cut.

Tenants’ advocate and development critic Jon Grant, who ran for the spot against Burgess in 2015, has already declared his candidacy.

Meanwhile, labor favorite Teresa Mosqueda, the political and strategic campaign director at the Washington State Labor Council, is supposedly all-in, though Mosqueda tells Fizz she hasn’t made a final decision about it yet.

I’ve also heard that Urban League head Pamela Banks might run; Banks ran against District Three Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant in 2015.

2. Seattle’s newly elected U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA, 7) is joining a crew of congressional legislators who are not attending Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Jayapal said in a statement: “I do understand that I, and others, are breaking from long-standing tradition of bipartisan attendance at the Presidential inauguration.  However, this is not a normal time and we cannot pretend it is so.”

Jayapal is one of 25 Democrats who plan to boycott Friday’s inauguration.

Another person on the list is civil rights era hero U.S. Representative John Lewis; Lewis not only got trampled by police on the Edmund Pettus Bridge during the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march and  attacked during the Freedom Rides in 1961, but as the leader of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Lewis also gave the militant sidebar during the March on Washington, going on before MLK gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. 

Trump lashed out at Lewis on twitter this weekend— #classy, #MLKDay—saying Lewis was “all talk.”

All talk(ing truth to power), I’d say.

Trump also continued his racist caricature of urban America calling Atlanta (Lewis’ district) “crime infested.” Ignoramus Trump’s imagery is not accurate. 

Jayapal said: "If I had any doubts about my decision, however, my resolve has only strengthened in the past few days as I watched Donald Trump’s response to one of our country’s great civil rights icons and a personal hero of mine, congressman John Lewis. With Donald Trump’s tweet, he himself has inflamed the situation and now two dozen of my colleagues will also not be attending the inauguration. It has become a boycott."

3. Mayor Ed Murray pulled the plug on the Seattle Department of Transportation’s plan take over and expand the city’s ailing bike share program.

The council had approved SDOT’s request in the recent budget debates for $300,000 to keep the current system up and running so they could transition it to a new and expanded system. SDOT had secured about $5 million to take the 50 bike station system to about 100 station system that would use electric-assist bikes.

But clearly giving in to the grumpy backlash against the struggling system, Murray made what looks like an election year move to dump it. Murray said the money will go to other bike infrastructure projects and pedestrian upgrades.  

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