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 1. The 1990s are officially over. Barely, though. The largest city in Seattle’s Eastside Microsoft suburbs, Bellevue, whose leaders hotly contested light rail in the 1990s and 2000s, voted for November’s $54 billion regional light rail expansion measure this year, passing it by 108 votes, with 47.2 percent of voters saying yes and 47 percent of voters saying no (not everyone who cast a ballot voted on the ST3 measure.)

There’s likely explanation for Bellevue’s new pro(ish)-transit sensibility. It’s a bigger, more diverse city than it used to be. Bellevue has grown nearly 20 percent since 2000 and has gone from being 75 percent white to 61 percent white, with a 56 percent jump in people of color.

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Meanwhile, ST3 won by 3,317 votes in Redmond. It scored 52.4 percent yes to 39 percent no with 8.4 percent of voters not voting on ST3.

The measure lost, however, in a few other nearby suburban cities, falling short in Kirkland by 1,109 votes, losing in Mercer Island by 774 votes, and going down in Federal Way by just 432 votes.

2. Speaking of the Eastside Seattle suburbs: Defying the trend, there is still one Republican state senate seat (out of the four legislative districts in the increasingly blue turf.) And Republican leaders have sent three names to the King County Council to fill former state senator Andy Hill’s (R-45, Kirkland) seat there; Hill died of cancer this fall.

The council will interview all three contenders today: Former state senator, two-time gubernatorial candidate, and one-time U.S. senate candidate, Dino Rossi (I guess the 2000s are back); Kirkland city council member Toby Nixon; and former Eastside state representative hopeful Joel Hussey.

3. Capitol Hill Seattle has a report on Saturday’s Seattle Women’s March Against Hate; the SPD estimated that 3,000 to 4,000 people marched.

4. And in case you missed it: Cola reporter Cassie Calderon has a report from Friday afternoon’s “Die-In” at city hall where local health providers demonstrated to support safe drug consumption sites to address addiction and drug overdose deaths.

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