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2 Videos to Watch Before Election Day

These two videos make it clear why election day is a big deal.

By Josh Feit November 7, 2016

While Hillary Clinton voters are mad at Robert Satiacum,  a solo dissident member of Washington state Democratic Party's 12 chosen electors who said he's not voting for Clinton even if—as is highly likely—Clinton carries the state, there's another Democratic elector who should be in the news.

U.W. senior Varisha Khan.

Khan, who grew up in Woodinville, is one the few Muslims on the list of official electors nationwide. (She was also just one of six Muslims who went to Philadelphia in July as part of the Washington state Democratic party’s 100 plus official convention delegates; she was for Bernie Sanders, though unlike Satiacum, she's honoring the elector pledge and will cast her ballot for Clinton.)

Given the 1933 nature of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and fan base, this video of Khan’s recent speech, “How to change a million minds in 15 minutes,” which she gave to a group of interfaith leaders and which recounts her own terrifying experience at U.W. this year with a hate crime, is important to watch as we head into election day.



The New York Times recently found that attacks against Muslims have risen from the fourth to third most common hate crimes in the U.S. between 2004 and 2014. Those numbers may have gotten higher this election year. As Khan notes in her speech, "since late 2014, one to two hate crimes like these have been reported every single day. And those are just the ones that are reported. Hate crimes don't happen in a vacuum."

The other video you should watch before election day?

This one, urging you not to make the same mistake Seattle voters have made in the past.

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