I know Democrats are feeling all dreamy and together now, but I couldn't help notice this mini-clash within the Washington state delegation on Wednesday when one person standing with the Washington contingent pulled a pro Palestinian rights sign out of the hands of another person who's also standing in the delegation. 


I have a call in to the Washington State Democratic Party  to see if they can explain why the sign was pulled down; the sign was visible in the TV monitor as WSDP chair Jaxon Ravens read the roll call vote (74 votes for Sanders and 42 votes for Clinton.)

Comments on the GIF thread, purportedly from someone who was on the scene, say the sign was yanked because it was blocking delegates' faces—and whacking them in the face too. Here's a longer outtake (go to the 1:22:15 mark) and you can watch the whole episode.

The Palestinian rights question, which was a contentious topic in this year's platform debate, has been dogging Democratic conventions since at least 1984 when Jesse Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition" campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination fought for more Arab representation in the Party. Jesse Jackson's anti-Jewish "Hymie-Town" comment about New York didn't help his cause.

The official Democratic platform calls for a two-state solution (as it has for many years now); the GOP dropped this plank from its platform this year.

The Washington State Democratic Party's own position on Palestine and Israel says this:

Serious, full, constructive, and persistent United States engagement to promote negotiations and other actions that will lead to a peaceful, sustainable resolution of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, based on mutual recognition and ensuring  security, economic growth, and quality of life for the peoples of the sovereign state of Palestine and the sovereign state of Israel.

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