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 1. 43rd Legislative District state representative candidate and Gender Justice League leader Danni Askini had a notable guest at her campaign kickoff party at Gay City last weekend: 43rd state rep Brady Walkinshaw.

Walkinshaw is giving up his seat to run for U.S. congress, and Askini, who would be the first transgender person to serve in the state legislature, is running in a crowded field of other progressives for Walkinshaw’s open seat.  

Walkinshaw, a gay Cuban American, also contributed $250 to Askini’s campaign. But he has not endorsed Askini, he says.

Other candidates in the race include labor organizer Marcus Courtney, Downtown Emergency Services Center housing policy director Nicole Macri, Washington Environmental Council staffer Sameer Ranade, and attorney Daniel Shih.  (The 43rd represents Capitol Hill, the U. District, and Wallingford. Speaker of the house, state representative Frank Chopp, the other representative from the 43rd, made an appearance at Macri’s recent kickoff, though he did not endorse her.)

Walkinshaw says he’s “contributed to a couple” of the candidates in the race; I’ve confirmed that he’s pledged a contribution to Macri.

The Courtney, Ranade, and Shih camps all report that Walkinshaw has not contributed to their campaigns.

Shih, a trial attorney and ACLU board member who currently leads the crowded field in fundraising with $100,000, has himself contributed $1,000 to Walkinshaw’s campaign for U.S. congress.

2. Speaking of contributors in the race for U.S. congress: feminist icon Gloria Steinem has contributed $1,000 to Pramila Jayapal. State senator Jayapal is running against Walkinshaw for retiring U.S. representative Jim McDermott’s (D-WA, 7) open seat.

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Funny footnote on that celebrity contribution: Steinem made headlines earlier this year , along with former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, when the two Baby Boom era second wave feminists (Albright, 78, was the first female secretary of state, serving under President Bill Clinton) criticized millennial women for supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. But Jayapal, a Gen Xer herself, has endorsed Sanders—and was one of a select few local candidates to get promoted in a Sanders’ fundraising email.

3. As for feminism: Both mayor Ed Murray and super venture capitalist Chris Hansen (the San Francisco businessman who wants to bring the NBA back to Seattle) issued comments condemning the execrable misogynist emails and tweets directed at the five female Seattle city council members who voted on Monday against Murray and Hansen's street vacation proposal to move an NBA arena project forward in SoDo.

Murray tweeted out yesterday:

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He also  addressed the issue at a press conference.

For his part, Hansen issued a formal statement:

As I’m sure you are all aware, there have been a number of highly inappropriate and offensive comments in emails to city council members and on social media about the street vacation vote last Monday. While we are all naturally frustrated with the outcome, I know that the vast majority of our passionate and dedicated supporters agree with me that such comments have absolutely no place in our community.

While we may not agree with the Council’s vote, misogynistic insults, vile comments and threats are unacceptable and need to stop. We should all show respect for our elected officials and the legislative process, even if we disagree with their decision. 

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