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Incumbent Democratic governor Jay Inslee fell far short of the 80 percent required for the 37th Legislative District Democrats early endorsement last night.

Inslee's count was tallied at just 49 percent—which wouldn't even be enough for the Southeast Seattle group's regular endorsement (candidates need 60 percent).

Oddly, 37th District chair Rory O'Sullivan tells me that was "a miscalculation." O'Sullivan didn't have the corrected stats available, though.

However, he said  he would supply them later this evening. He says Inslee’s revised numbers were not significantly higher.

One candidate who managed to get the early endorsement—with 90 percent—was former Seattle city council member Tina Podlodowski; she is running for secretary of state. 

Seattle liberals have a growing list of gripes about the governor: he has failed to end the McCleary budgeting standoff (the state is being held in contempt by the state supreme court for failing to fully fund K-12 education); he hasn't delivered on his high profile environmental agenda; he gave large tax breaks to Boeing, and most recently, he let a charter bill make it past his veto pen.

Inslee was also humbled this session by the aggressive Republican senate which ousted Inlee's transportation director Lynn Peterson and forced Inslee to back off on the I-405 tolling program. The GOP also continues to stop Inslee and the Democrats from cutting corporate tax breaks.

Inslee, who also got hit by an early release debacle at the department of corrections (DOC released roughly 3,200 prison inmates a few months early from 2002 to 2015 because of a computer programming error), is facing a longshot Republican challenger, former Port of Seattle commissioner Bill Bryant. Bryant has raised $1.4 million to Inslee's $4.1 million.

In other signs that the Democratic rank and file are feeling restless during this Bernie Sanders edition of the campaign season: longtime, popular U.S. senator Patty Murray failed to get the early endorsement too. Members were upset about Murray's support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Also: Murray pledged her super delegate vote to Hillary Clinton early in the election. Despite Sanders’ landslide victory in Washington state’s caucuses, Murray is staying with Clinton, she says.

O’Sullivan did not have Murray’s final count, but it was not as low as Inslee’s he said. Washington state attorney general Bob Ferguson also came up short as did U.S. representative Adam Smith (D-WA, 9); Smith was just one vote shy of the early endorsement, though, getting 79.5 percent.

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