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“I like the concept of the work, but I hated the damn thing. It was a terrible spectacle of compromise. It was kind of like if you screened a movie and you thought you were watching the whole movie but actually the rest of the movie ended in the next room.”

   –Jen Graves, Art critic at The Stranger

“I’ve always considered Inopportune to be, well, opportunistic. It’s great for contemporary art to be relatable, but like one of my students said, ‘It’s like walking into a Michael Bay movie.’ There’s a sensationalism that’s not true to the artwork’s original vibe, which was more surreal and lyrical.”

   –Katie Kresser, Associate professor of art and art department cochair at Seattle Pacific University

“It’s an absolutely wonderful piece, but, with a collection as rich as the Seattle Art Museum’s, I’m sure they have other major works which would be equally as exciting for the introduction to the galleries. I think they are doing the right thing in helping us look at the space in a different way.”

   –Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Director at Frye Art Museum

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