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City Council member Nick Licata aide Lisa Herbold pulled to within just six votes of her opponent, King County council member Joe McDermott aide Shannon Braddock, after Tuesday afternoon's vote count  in the West Seattle District One race. Braddock had led by 733 votes on election night, but, based on Herbold's come-from-behind victory in the primary, pundits knew it would come down to the wire.

And it has: The current score is Braddock 49.73 to Herbold 49.70—or 11,528 votes to 11,522 votes.

Herbold scored 54.1 percent of today's count, which means, after counting about 900 votes today, with roughly 2,000 votes still left to tally in the race, she's poised to pull ahead. There's another count on Thursday; Wednesday is Veterans Day. (PubliCola endorsed Herbold.)

A similar come-from-behind win is looking less likely for food systems activist Tammy Morales, who's challenging two-term incumbent Bruce Harrell in Southeast Seattle's District Two race.

After trailing 55 percent to 45 percent on election night, Morales  had a strong showing late last week, getting 55 percent of Friday's count. But after netting only 46.6 percent of yesterday's count and now just 47.6 percent of today's count, she has fallen back by 434 votes. (She had trailed by just 378 votes after Friday's big showing and by 401 votes yesterday.)

Harrell is ahead overall now, 51.15 to 48.65.

After counting a little more than 700 votes in the Harrell/Morales race today, there's less than 2,000 votes left to tally.

In other city council election news, tenants' rights advocate and Kshama Sawant ally Jon Grant officially conceded to council incumbent Tim Burgess earlier today in the at-large Position Eight race. Burgess was winning by a wide margin on election night, 57.8 percent to 41.57 percent, and the subsequent counts never boosted Grant's chances. Grant remained behind by more than 16,000 votes today with Burgess at nearly 55 percent to Grant's 44.6 percent.