On Friday, during the annual Black Friday shopping day, more than 300 Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets of downtown Seattle to protest police brutality, institutional racism, and the routine killing of young African Americans by police officers nationwide.

Beginning at Westlake Park, the march meandered around downtown, occupying several intersections, stopping traffic, disrupting Black Friday shopping, and eventually landing at the annual tree lighting ceremony at Westlake Center where marchers chanted slogans such as, “Black lives matter, not Black Friday” and “If we don’t get no justice, then you don’t get no peace.”

At the north entrance to Westlake Center, protesters and police scuffled when demonstrators tried to get inside; The Stranger has footage of the incident where the police pulled a photographer by the hair. Later, another, similar skirmish took place outside Pacific Place Mall. (Protesters did make it into Macy's after pushing past a guard.)

The march eventually crowded back into Westlake Center, where protesters disrupted the holiday concert and tree lighting with chants; they also released a dozen or so balloons with placards reading, “Black Lives Matter” and “Fuck the police."

While tense at times, overall, last Friday’s Black Lives Matter protests remained relatively peaceful; a light fixture at the entrance to Westlake Center was broken.

Unlike last year, the Seattle Police Department allowed protesters to demonstrate within the immediate vicinity of the tree lighting ceremony (after briefly blocking off Westlake at 5th and Pine and telling people to go around) and did not utilize flashbangs or pepper spray in their crowd control tactics. In the days leading up to the Black Friday protest, civil rights advocates called on SPD to protect protesters’ first amendment rights.

The SPD reported four arrests at the end of the day.

Photo essay by Josh Kelety.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.40.10 am kbd9w0

A protester energizes the crowd at Westlake before the march. "We are tired of our kids being slaughtered by police officers. We are tired of officers not being held accountable."

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.44.41 am asgut4

Protesters occupy intersection of Fifth and Pike.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.46.36 am dpxdlj

Protesters at Fifth and Pike

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.49.13 am m4lvqa

Police and protesters clash outside Westlake Center.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.51.12 am jmquqe

Protesters, legal observers (green hats), and SPD face off outside Westlake Center following the tussle.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.52.49 am oyzick

Protester stands in front of SPD riot police at the Pine Street entrance of Pacific Place.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.54.49 am kv97g1

Street performer plays to the tune of "Hey hey, ho ho, these racist cops have got to go!"

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 7.58.04 am mn7qgq

The scene at Westlake.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 8.06.37 am pnynfd

Protester holds up sign at Westlake.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 8.02.50 am ec5sei

Protesters chant while a rock band plays Christmas songs.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 8.05.00 am bxzv7x

Protesters release balloons with "Black Lives Matter" signs attached at tree lighting ceremony.


Dsc 2855 qazwfe

Protester holds up a sign as fireworks explode over Westlake Center.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 8.09.04 am k8lkss

Seattle Police Department officers guard an entrance to Westlake Center.


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