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1. District Five (North Seattle) city council candidate Debora Juarez has been spreading the word that mayor Ed Murray has endorsed her campaign.

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However, Murray, who gave his early endorsement to Juarez's opponent Reverend Sandy Brown, says that while he's happy about Juarez's support for the transportation levy and his housing affordability deal, "no," he has not endorsed her.

"She has not spoken to me about an endorsement," Murray adds.

I have a message in to the Juarez campaign.

For his part, Reverend Brown—who also supports the mayor's housing affordability deal and the levy "though I wish it made a bigger investment in North Seattle sidewalks"—is no angel.

He lists the progressive group Fuse on his roster of endorsements, but the group tells Fizz they "haven't endorsed at all in that race."

Footnote: Yesterday, PubliCola released its endorsements, and we endorsed Brown; neither candidate was stellar on our top issue—planning for more density—but Brown's tangible and germane, activist-oriented resume made him the obvious pick over Juarez, a longtime attorney in the private sector whose firm has done some work for Shell Oil.

UPDATE: Sources close to the mayor do not fault Jaurez for jumping the gun, acknowledging that a Murray staffer incorrectly told Juarez the mayor had endorsed her. The mayor has not endorsed Juarez. Yet. Murray sources would not say who misspoke, but we'll patiently wait for the latest staff demotion or transfer.

2. Speaking of the mayor's housing affordability "grand bargain" between affordable housing advocates and developers (developers will now be required to build or pay for affordable housing on all projects in exchange for a universal upzone), I'm even more impressed by the coalition that's supporting it than I thought.

Yesterday, I published a letter that an unprecedented combo of social justice groups and developers (Puget Sound Sage and Vulcan!) sent to the council encouraging support for the mayor's deal.

One key group on the list I missed: The main affordable housing group in the city, the Housing Development Consortium, fierce adversaries just earlier this year over the city's initial linkage fee proposal.

3. The latest independent expenditure group to enter the city council race fray, Neighbors for Banks, which favors Urban League leader Pamela Banks over incumbent city hall socialist Kshama Sawant, has raised $10,500. 

The top donor at $1,500, Robert Burkheimer, of development firm Burkheimer Managment Company, made headlines as a holiday season Scrooge back in 2008 when he evicted a small Queen Anne shop owner at Thanksgiving for missing two months rent.

The short donor list—average donation $875—is made up mostly of financial and real estate interests, including Bob Ratliffe of Silver Creek Capital, a $7 billion hedge fund firm. Ratliffe, a former colleague of cellular icon Craig McCaw, is also chair of the board of trustees on the executive committee at Capitol Hill's Seattle University. 

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Updated October 22, 2015. The headline has been updated to reflect that Juarez was not intentionally misleading the public. I've also posted an update.

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