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Of the 14 candidates running in districted seats in the new district system, less than half are finding the biggest percentage of their contributors in the district—just five candidates to be exact: Shannon Braddock, Tammy Morales, Pamela Banks, Catherine Weatbrook, and Sally Bagshaw are the only candidates relying most on in-district contributors. 

In District One (West Seattle), Shannon Braddock's biggest slice of contributors, 34 percent, come from the district. Her opponent Lisa Herbold's biggest pool of contributors, at 21 percent, comes from outside the city; 17 percent, just half of Braddock's stat, comes from District One for Herbold.

Herbold has more contributors overall, 649 to 506, but still has fewer in-district contributors than Braddock as a raw number: 174 for Braddock to 112 for Herbold.

Braddock has raised $139,000 to Herbold's $105,000.

In District Two (Southeast Seattle), 34 percent of Tammy Morales contributors live in the district. By comparison, incumbent city council member Bruce Harrell's in-district contributors make up 18 percent of his pool. Most of Harrell's contributors, 31 percent, live outside the city limits.

Harrell has raised much more money overall—$219,000 to Morales's $63,000—and has more contributors, 960 to 306. However, despite the gap, Morales's in-district contributions, 104, are nudging up on Harrell's 168.

In District Three (Capitol Hill, the Central District, Madison Valley), 41 percent of Pamela Banks's contributors live in the district. Incumbent Sawant found 22 percent of her contributors in the district; Sawant's biggest base of contributors, 32 percent, come from outside the city.

However, Sawant actually has more actual contributors in the district, 658 people versus Banks's 492 in-district contributors. And that's because, whoa, Sawant is crushing it on number of overall contributors: 3,094. (She has nearly 1,000 contributors living outside the city.) Banks is no slouch with 1,200 contributors overall.

Sawant has raised $394,000 to Banks's $341,000.

In District Four (U. District, Roosevelt, Wallingford, Wedgwood, Sand Point) neither candidate has found most of their contributors in the district. Rob Johnson's biggest slice, 29 percent, comes from outside the city and Micheal Maddux's biggest group, 27 percent, also comes from outside the city. Both candidates found 19 percent of their contributors in the district, the second biggest batch for both.

Johnson, however, has more actual contributors in the district, 101 to Maddux's 77. Johnson has raised $139,000 overall to Maddux's $54,000. 

In District Five (North Seattle), neither candidate found most of their contributors in the district. Debora Juarez, in fact, only found three percent of her contributors in the district. Most of her contributors, 61 percent, come from outside the city. Seventeen percent of her opponent Sandy Brown's contributors live in the district (his second biggest pool) while his biggest source of contributors, 27 percent, live outside the city.

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Juarez's limp percentage of in-district contributors is matched by the raw numbers: She has just 11 contributors living in District Five. 233 of her 328 total contributors live outside of Seattle.

Brown has 85 contributors in the district out of 504 contributors total. Brown has raised $121,000 to Juarez's $115,000.

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District Six (Fremont, Ballard) candidate Catherine Weatbrook found the biggest percentage of contributors within her district—68 percent!—of any candidate. Her opponent, incumbent Mike O'Brien's biggest base is outside the city at 30 percent. However, O'Brien did find 26 percent of his contributors in the district. In raw numbers: Weatbrook has 195 in-district contributors to O'Brien's 171.

O'Brien has raised $85,000 to Weatbrook's $59,000.

In District Seven (Downtown, Queen Anne), 45 percent of Sally Bagshaw's contributors, her biggest group, live in her district. Her opponent's Deborah Zech Artis only has one contributor (for $100...from Texas) other than a $100 from herself.

Bagshaw has raised $116,00o. She has 450 contributors with 203 living in her district. 

As for the citywide candidates:

In Position Eight, nearly 85 percent of incumbent council president Tim Burgess's contributors live in the city, with 28 percent, the biggest slice of contributors, living in District Seven—that's downtown and Burgess's own Queen Anne neighborhood. He has 1,220 contributors overall and has raised $369,000.

His opponent Jon Grant found 76 percent of his contributors in the city, but his biggest base when broken down by district category, 24 percent, come from outside the city. His biggest slice from within the city comes from District Three, Capitol Hill, where 17 percent of his contributors live. Grant only has 373 contributors overall and has raised $69,000.

In position Nine: Most of Bill Bradburd's contributors, 84 percent, live in the city. His biggest swath of contributors, 23 percent, live in District Three, which includes Bradburd's Central Area neighborhood. His opponent Lorena González found 34 percent of her contributors outside the city, with her biggest local slice, 17 percent, coming from downtown's District Seven.

She has raised $203,000 to Bradburd's $81,000.

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