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Independent Expenditure Groups Agree to Keep Campaigns Positive in Braddock, Herbold Showdown

Business and union political committees agree to avoid attack ads in West Seattle race.

By Josh Feit October 19, 2015

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Independent Expenditure committees aren't allowed to coordinate their campaign activities with any candidate who may benefit from the effort, but that doesn't mean and IE can't coordinate with another IE.

Neighbors for Shannon, a business-funded IE, backing District One (West Seattle) candidate Shannon Braddock, and Progressive Seattle PAC, a union-funded IE backing District One candidate Lisa Herbold, have agreed to run only positive ads rather than going negative against each other's candidate, according to spokespeople for both IEs.

Neighbors for Shannon has raised $130,000, mostly in big contributions from business interests—the Seattle chamber ($70,000), the restaurant association ($28,000), and the Realtors PAC ($22,500); they've also gotten a $5,000 contribution each from the fire fighters and from a progressive group called Puget Sound Leadership PAC.

Progressive Seattle, which has raised $37,000, is backed by the Service Employees International Union 775, 925, and 1199, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 21, the Teamsters 117, and the electrical workers union.

Only SEIU 775 and 925 and UFCW 21 are spending money on Herbold. (The PAC is also supporting Kshama Sawant in District Three.) Only the three unions helping fund ads for Herbold have agreed with the business groups backing Braddock to keep things positive.

Neighbors for Shannon began airing a pro-Braddock ad—starring King County Executive Dow Constantine and fire fighter union leader Kenny Stuart—this past weekend.

No word on when Progressive Seattle's pro-Herbold campaign is hitting.

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