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 1. The Seattle Times, the same paper that said the city needed concurrency (proportionately upgraded infrastructure) before adding density, has now come out against the $930 million transportation infrastructure levy.  

Raising alarm bells about city hall's "urbanist-at-all-costs agenda," exploiting Thursday’s tragic accident on the Aurora Bridge, accusing SDOT of poor management, and calling for taxes on developers to pay for transportation (rather than relying on the $275 per year on the average homeowner) the Times ran a picture of Broadway’s protected bike lane and told voters to say no.

2. The city council’s special committee on the mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda task force is meeting today. As we reported on Friday, the council version of the agenda includes a redo of the controversial proposal to ease restrictions against multifamily housing in single family zones.

Murray shelved that idea after an initial backlash against it in late July.

The modified version, introduced by committee chair Mike O’Brien, would explicitly prevent existing structures from being torn down, something Murray’s original housing proposal—while requiring the same “massing”—did not specify.

3. Developers aren’t happy with O’Brien, though. His other committee, the council’s land use committee, is still reportedly balking at an amendment to allow extra square footage on smaller (18,000 square feet and below) residential lot development in South Lake Union. The change from the current 50 percent square footage bonus to a proposed 75 percent square footage bonus—which developers were seeking on three specific projects—would have added $4 million to the city’s incentive zoning affordable housing fund, developers say.

4. Mayor Ed Murray is giving his budget speech at two o’clock today.

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