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1.LIKE "the Establishment" ... at least as it's defined by supposed neighborhood populist Bill Bradburd, the second-place finisher in this week's citywide Position Nine race. Bradburd, the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition leader,  was beat badly  by civil rights attorney Lorena Gonzalez; and as the later, progressive votes come in now, Gonzalez's big lead over Bradburd has just gotten bigger, going from 63.72 to 15.21 on election night to 65.14 to 14.91. And, in an election night interview with PubliCola, Bradburd attributed the big loss to Gonzalez's "establishment" support.

“She’s obviously endorsed by all the powers that be. She’s got the downtown chamber and the police officers guild and the commercial development interests,” Bradburd told us. “Our challenge is countering the establishment forces and the leverage that she has...we’re measuring my ability to get my message out to people versus the establishment.”

Yes, there are some fancy donations from the chamber, the Mariners, speaker of the house Frank Chopp, and lots of Mayor Murray staff (including deputy mayor Hyeok Kim) on her donor list. But Gonzalez's establishment also includes contributions from: the two leftiest unions in town, UFCW Local 21 and UNITE HERE 8; poor people's, white hat Olympia lobbyist Nick Federici; lefty Southeast Seattle state senator Pramila Jayapal, the King County Labor Council; the former owner of Central District activist/artist hot spot Hidmo, turned city's office of youth outreach coordinator, Rahwa Habte;  OneAmerica Votes board leader Sudha Nandagopal; and Nicole Vallestero Keenan, the former policy director of social justice group Puget Sound Sage, who's now heading up workers' rights group Fair Work Center.

2. I LIKE that Cola reporter Josh Kelety disrupted mayor Ed Murray's (pandering) narrative that the city's heroic crackdown on...dangerous hookah lounges...was uniformly supported by the East African community.

Kelety actually went out and talked to members of the East African community (including those that do support Murray), but also those that do not, including Hassan Diis, the East African liaison for the 37th Legislative District, who worked on Murray's election campaign but is now deeply disappointed.

We posted Kelety's in-depth story yesterday afternoon.

3. I LIKE that smart growth, urbanism, and transit weren't only rewarded at the polls in Seattle this week (Bradburd's big loss to Gonzalez, Transportation Choices Coalition leader Rob Johnson's big numbers over longtime incumbent Jean Godden), but also in the suburbs.

Check out the results in the Shoreline city council races where Jesse Salomon, a key vote for a transit oriented development upzone, crushed his anti-growth backlash opponent Lorn Richey with a Gonzalez-versus-Bradburd-style blowout: light rail upzone proponent Salomon is at 64.54 to Richey's 26.07.

Richey's losing campaign slogan: "Protect Shoreline's Neighborhoods!"

Add regionalism to the urbanism trend.

4. Finally, some NIMBYism from me. I do LIKE my Capitol Hill neighborhood views. Seattle is looking good this week.

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