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1. One response to the NYT's big Amazon story?

An Instagram page, apparently started by Amazon employees (and at least featuring them), that spoofs the claim from one former Amazonian quoted in the article that: "'You walk out of a conference room and you’ll see a grown man covering his face...Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk.'" 

The page, Amazonians_cry, features pictures of dudes “crying” at their desks with captions like: “Someone call the New York Times ; ) ” and “Haha. Who’s going to do the @ihavethyroidcancerandambeingputonreview instagram?” followed up with: “I strongly suspect that never happened” and “I’ve heard so many people start conversations today with ‘Sorry I’m late; I was crying at my desk.’ ; )”

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The callous skepticism about thyroid cancer is a response to a passage in the NYT story that included a series of claims from women who said health issues—including thyroid cancer, breast cancer, and miscarriage—led to bad performance reviews. The article said:

A woman who had thyroid cancer was given a low performance rating after she returned from treatment. She says her manager explained that while she was out, her peers were accomplishing a great deal. Another employee who miscarried twins left for a business trip the day after she had surgery. “I’m sorry, the work is still going to need to get done,” she said her boss told her. “From where you are in life, trying to start a family, I don’t know if this is the right place for you.”

2. Yesterday afternoon, opposing sides within both the local East African and International District communities packed city hall in a standoff over mayor Ed Murray’s hookah lounge crackdown.

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During public comment of Monday’s full council meeting, hookah lounge owners and sympathizers maintained the usual line that the crackdown is racially motivated, discriminates against Arab and East African business owners and patrons, and doesn’t address the underlying issues that fuel gun and youth violence. Supporters of the mayor slammed the establishments for promoting bad health and fostering violence.

 3. Also at city hall yesterday, the council unanimously, but begrudgingly, voted to put a citizen-sponsored measure to rebuild a portion of viaduct as an elevated pedestrian park on  the August 2016 ballot. 

James Corner, the architect who's designing Seattle's new waterfront park, told the Puget Sound Business Journal it was a "dumb" idea and dismissed comparisons to his own famous High Line park in New York City.

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