PubliCalendar: Your Last Chance to Back ‘Crave,’ Aneesh Sheth’s Original TV Series

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By Atoosa Moinzadeh July 6, 2015

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For Today

Back ‘Crave,’ Aneesh Sheth’s Original TV Series 

With actresses like Laverne Cox and award-winning shows like Transparent making waves, transgender characters seem ascendent in the media landscape. But Aneesh Sheth, who broke through as the first South Asian trans actress on TV in Outsourced, believes her experience is underrepresented.

That’s why she’s producing her own Seattle-based original series, Crave, which, with a Seattle cast and crew, focuses on the lives of three people: Bobbi, a gay man stuck in an abusive relationship and a job he hates; Karen, a military housewife who finds her marriage crumbling after her husband’s return from a year away in Afghanistan; and Maggie, a trans actress trying to make her mark in show business. 

Sheth still needs help to produce a full season—check out the pilot episode and help her raise $35,000 for a full season by the end of today!

Back ‘Crave,’ Aneesh Sheth’s Original TV Series, Kickstarter available online through July 6  

For Tuesday

Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing

Once a year, the city is required to consider amendments to Seattle's Comprehensive Plan— the planning document that governs growth and development. The eight amendments under consideration, are being considered separately from the larger 2035 comp plan, the larger, longterm update that's currently underway. But just like the comp plan itself, the immediate amendments and the 2035 macro plan are important pieces in a big holistic puzzle.

And more importantly, the comp plan is can be a social justice document.

Tuesday, folks will have a chance to speak up on how our city should approach future growth and its potential impacts on low income people, people of color, and English-language learners.

If you'd like to testify, the sign-up sheet will be available half an hour before the hearing at 2pm. 

2035 Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing, Tues, July 7, 2pm, Seattle City Hall Council Chambers, 600 Fourth Ave, Free

Advance Notice for July 17

Meaningful Movies Presents 'E-Team'

Friday's Meaningful Movies feature follows four members of the Emergencies Team (E-Team) of the Human Rights Watch, a group that addresses human rights crises all over the world. E-Team documents their crossing of the Syrian border to conduct investigations of the Syrian Civil War, giving voice to stories that would otherwise go unheard. 

Catch the film and a special discussion with the Seattle Human Rights Commission afterward. 

Meaningful Movies Presents 'E Team', Fri, July 17, 7pm, Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies, 2336 15th Ave S, Free


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