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Poll: Sawant has High Unfavorable Rating Citywide, Murray Remains Very Popular, Burgess at Three to One Favorable/Unfavorable

EMC polling data shows

By Josh Feit July 15, 2015

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New polling from EMC shows that high profile city council member Kshama Sawant has a sky high unfavorability rating. A June citywide poll of 400 likely Seattle voters found that Sawant, a socialist who columnist Joel Connelly jokingly says sounds like a 19th Century pamphleteer, but I’d argue sounds more like a 1990s post modernist PhD student (or a Fugazi CD), had a 42/40 favorable/unfavorable rating.

By comparison, her numbers late last year in an October 2014 EMC poll were 50/30—meaning her decent favorability rating dropped ten points and her nagging unfavorability rating got even worse. Her district numbers in that same 2014 EMC poll were 61 percent favorable to 21 percent unfavorable; EMC, explaining that the new poll was actually a citywide poll about an unrelated issue, did not poll Sawant at the district level this time. Sawant is up for reelection in District Three, Capitol Hill south through the Central District to just north of I-90.

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EMC also asked people about mayor Ed Murray. His numbers are very strong: 70 percent favorable to 22 percent unfavorable, virtually identical to what they were last October in EMC’s poll. (For a comparison,at the same point in former Mayor McGinn's term, he was at 36/50; he was a bit higher a few months prior to that—at 46/45.)

EMC also polled city council president Tim Burgess, who’s running for reelection citywide. Burgess was at 41 percent favorable to 12 percent unfavorable. Those numbers are similar to his ratings last October—45 favorable to 17 unfavorable.

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